The Museum’s archive is a collection of all of the paper based objects in the museum’s collection. The archive contains several valuable pieces with some dating as far back as 1836 to the present day. Although the archive is not open to the public, researchers can request to view certain documents and artifacts upon request. Many of the objects are too fragile for exhibit and selected digitized copies will be available for the public on our website.

Title: The Seguin Booster
Date: April 1, 1912

Description: Pieced from several deteriorating copies, the museum has been able to put together this rare four-page newspaper for public viewing. As mentioned in the article, it is one of the first attempts to produce city advertising. It shows several of the homes in Seguin as well as businesses.

Title: Historical  Sketches by Willie Mae Weinert
Date: 1936-1938

 (Click Image to open PDF)

Description: With permission from the Seguin Gazette, we have produced a PDF of a bound copy of Historical Sketches by Mrs. Willie Mae Wienert. The writings contained in this book where originally published in the Seguin Enterprise between 1936 and 1938. Articles and biography’s  include: Prisoners of Mier, Elijah V. Dale, Jack Hays, Ben McCulloch, Henry McCulloch, Nathaniel Benton, William Tom, Clairborne West, L.C. Cunningham, Ezekiel Smith, Thomas Johnson, William Beard’s letter to his father, Solomon W. Brill, Jonathan “Old Doc” Douglass, Samuel Millett,  James H. Callahan, William Chester Baxter, Judge H.G. “Goober” Henderson, Gustav Elley, Robert Hall, The Cordova Battle, James Walter Jones, William Gordon Cooke, Wilson Randle, William Tom and Wife, James Milford Day, Timothy Pickering Jones, William P. Hardeman, Thomas D. James, Pendleton Rector, George Washington Lonis, Clairborne Rector, George C. Kimble, John R. King, William G. King, Sowell’s, Juan Seguin, Erastus “Deaf” Smith, John F. McGuffin, Andrew Neill,and Early History of Seguin.

Title: Seguin and Guadalupe County Cemeteries by the Guadalupe County Historical Commission

Description: Using Google Earth, the Commission has worked to locate all of the cemeteries in Guadalupe County. This listing shows the locations and of photos of each cemetery.  Click HERE for the link.