Established in 1998, the Heritage Museum presents objects from its collection that represents over one hundred and fifty years of Seguin and Guadalupe County history. The Museum’s collection has been formed by many generous donations from people in and around Seguin. If you are interested in donating your objects to the Museum, please click here.

Below are featured objects from the collection

The Life of John Wesley Harden as Written by Himself
1896, paperback, 1st Edition
Donated by the Bauer Family

The original manuscript of John Wesley Hardin’s autobiography was discovered among his personal possessions shortly after his death and then turned over to his children. A year later his book was published by Smith and Moore in Seguin,Texas. Originally the books were sold for fifty cents each, but today the books are quite rare. Once the book had been published in 1896, his children decided to withdraw it from circulation a few days later. At that time nearly 2,500 copies of the un-circulated books were stored in San Antonio. A flood later destroyed many of the books; however it was later learned that a few of the books had been sold before the flood.

Smith & Wesson Model No. 2 Old Model Revolver
Attributed to be owned by John Wesley Harden
Loan from the Eckhardt Collection

This firearm is attributed to have once been owned by John Wesley Hardin. One of the features of this particular gun are the initials “J.W.H” on the inside of the grip.

The Model 2 was a popular personal sidearm with many officers and enlisted men during the Civil War. It was manufactured between 1861 and 1874 with a total of 77,155 produced.

Silver Necessary
Donated by Floyd and Jody McKee

Necessary once belonging to Miss Elisabeth Erskine. It was once part of Elizabeth “Budgie” Erskine Hollamon’s personal belongings and purchased at her Estate Sale by the McKee family to be donated to the Museum. Still present in the necessary is one of Miss Erskine’s calling cards.

Seguin Coke Bottles
Donated by Various Donors

At one time Seguin had its very own Coke Cola Bottling Company. The Seguin bottling company was in operation from 1900 to 1950s. The early bottles have the word “Seguin” on the side and the later on bottom.



Porcelain Pitcher
Donated by Mr. & Mrs.Dudley Burris

This small porcelain pitcher was made by the Wheelock Company in Germany for Mrs. E. Freienmuth. The Museum has similar pieces to this in its collection depicting other structures in Seguin. These were probably made to be sold as souvenirs in downtown Seguin. The painted structure is depicting Guadalupe County’s third Courthouse.

Wooden Cigar Box
Donated by Henry Hill

The Seguin Cigar factory was located in downtown Seguin and had several locations. This wooden box held manufactured Habana Cigars.

Black Leather Heels
Donated by Charlotte Burns

These shoes where purchased at the George Mendlovitz store in downtown Seguin. On the inside of the shoes gold lettering shows the Mendlovitz label.


Silver Trumpet
On permanent loan from the Seguin Fire Department

This Trumpet was been in the possession of the Seguin Fire Department since December 8, 1887. When the Mission Hose Company challenged the Seguin Fire Department to “put it up” as a prize in a firemen’s race, A.J. Swope had declared that “We accept the challenge, but under no circumstance will we put up our horn!”

The trumpet was used in directing fire fighters during a blaze. A short time after it was purchased it was discarded and was lost for many years. It was found in 1891 above a shop window and severely tarnished. In later photos it can be seen proudly held by fire chief’s such as P.J. Burges and William Bartholomae.

Wall Clock
Donated by Erwin Fisher

The Krezdorn family has been in Seguin for many years. Their store was located on Court St. across from the Court House. This wall clock hung in their store until the store closed in the 1950s. One of the pervious owners had scratched the painted glass to show the pendulum. The lettering on the glass front once stated “Where You Know The Quality”.



Early Television Set
Donated by Gene Vivroux

This television set is credited to being Seguin first television. G. J. “Rags” Vivroux, owner of Vivroux Hardware Store, enjoyed wrestling and he wanted to share it with the public and his customers. Every Wednesday evening crowds gathered in front of the hardware store windows to watch the wrestling matches. It’s fitting to know that the first TV was in the central part of downtown and it provided a great experience for Seguin’s earliest viewers.