Donating Artifacts

The Heritage Museum welcomes inquiries about possible donations to our collections. We preserve a diverse assortment of objects which collectively help tell the story of Seguin and Guadalupe County. In general, we only accept objects with a connection to Seguin and Guadalupe County, from prehistory to the present.


When considering an object for donation, please call the museum before coming. We would appreciate it if you set an appointment with the curator by calling 830-372-0965 or by sending an email which includes as much information as you can about the object. Please attach a digital photo if possible. Email it to and include any additional information including the who, where, and when of the items plus any stories about it you may know.


All offers are evaluated by how the object fits into our collecting needs. For example, is it something we can commit to caring for, and is not an object which is already well represented. Objects offered to the museum are not necessarily accepted. All objects donated to the museum become the property of the Seguin-Guadalupe County Heritage Museum. A signed Deed of Gift transfers the ownership from the owner to the museum.


Loaning Artifacts

We accept loans only if they fulfill specific exhibit or research purposes, and the period of the loan is for a defined length of time.