Early Photography

The earliest know resident photographer in Seguin was E.K. Sturdevant. Some of his best works were photos of Guadalupe, Bexar and Wilson Counties. Other Early photographers included Serdinko, Rice and Hickson. Most of their studios were located in the first few blocks of North Austin Street.

Halm, a prolific photographer, established his studio in the early 1910s and then sold the studio to Eberhard around 1920 who then sold it in 1932 to Mr. and Mrs. Willie Weiss.

For many of these photographers, the exact location of their studios is lost. The dates they operated or what happened to their collections of photo’s and negative’s remains a mystery. The Museum has been able to collect a few of their photos in hopes of better understanding Seguin’s photographic past.

E.K. Sturdevant

Title: W.J. Blumberg (Uncle Willie)                                         Title: Unidentified infant
Photographer: Sturdevant                                                      Photographer: Sturdevant
Date: 1890s                                                                                Date: 1890s

Eugenio (E.K.) Strudevant was a photographer in San Antonio, Texas. He is famous for his photographic images of Geronimo and his Apache band and also the Alamo. He was active in San Antonio from 1885 to1888. His studio was located at 19 West Houston from 1885-1886, and then at 10 East Houston from 1887-1888. He had a location in Seguin in the early 1890s at his “Sunny South” studio, which was located on Austin Street. From 1893-1894 he had a studio in Galveston, Texas, on Tremont and Avenue H.

A. Conrad

Title: Alvina and Laura Koehler                                                   Title: Unidentified Wedding Portrait
Photographer: Conrad                                                                  Photographer: Conrad
Date: 1900-1904                                                                             Date: 1895-1900

A. Conrad was one of the earliest photographers from Seguin. His studio was in operation from 1895 to 1904.

C.O. Neumann

Title: Wedding portrait of Adelia Troell and Herman Schulz
Photographer: Neumann
Date: September 21, 1912

W. T. Walker

Title: Unidentified Female                                                      Title: Unidentified Male
Photographer: Walker                                                             Photographer: Walker
Date: 1900s                                                                               Date: 1900s

S. Serdinko

Title: Alvina Troell                                                                      Title: Unidentified Female
Photographer: Serdinko                                                            Photographer: Serdinko
Date: 1890s                                                                                  Date: 1890s

S. Serdinko had a studio between Nolte’s and Blank’s Store on South Austin Street.



Title: Vivroux Hardware Store Float, In front of the store on South Austin St.
Photographer: Rembrandt
Date: 1908-1910



Title: Unidentified Female                                                      Title: Norma (Duelhu) Voight
Photographer: Eberhard                                                         Photographer: Eberhard
Date: 1910s                                                                               Date: 1920s


Title: Otto Troell
Photographer: Rice
Date: 1890s

C.S. Hickson

Title: Unidentified Children                                                           Title: Unidentified Female
Photographer: Hickson                                                                  Photographer: Hickson
Date: Unknown                                                                                Date: 1880s


Title: Unidentified Male
Photographer: Baker
Date: 1890s

Baker may have been an apprentice or business partner of Hickson.

Karl Halm

Title: Wedding portrait of Leisber and Uda Vordenbaum     Title: Unidentified Female
Photographer: Halm                                                                   Photographer: Halm
Date: 1908-1910                                                                          Date: 1900s

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