Seguin and Guadalupe County Cemetery List

Guadalupe County Historical Commission

For a list of the Cemeteries, a PDF can be found HERE.

(List updated on 2/8/2013)

Instructions for viewing the locations of the cemeteries on Google Earth

Make sure that you have Google Earth installed.

Google Earth Link, HERE

After installing Google Earth, download and save the map file to your computer.

Cemeteries file Link, HERE

Once saved to your computer, you may double click directly on the Cemetery file and Google earth will launch, It is not necessary to run Google Earth first. Alternatively, with Google Earth already running, you could go to File>Open to access the map file.

You can click on any red icon to see the photo and any other attributes. Some points may be close enough together (depending on your zoom level) that the first click will “disperse” points allowing you to more accurately select the cemeteries in that location. Usually, you will notice the cursor change to a 4-way arrow when hovering above multiple points.

Upon exiting Google earth, you may be asked if you want to save this map file into your places. This is not necessary as they are already saved into the Google format (kmz) compressed with pictures imbedded in the file itself.



You have any information on a cemetery that is not listed, please contact Stanley Naumann with the Guadalupe County Historical Commission.